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Want to teach your dog to have totally independant weaves? Excellent entries and extraordinary exits?
Teach your dog to weave with this PDF training manual!

Take your dog through our proven weave training method. You and your dog will have great fun achieving brilliant results with our easily explained 2x2 method.

Make weave training fun whilst at the same time teaching your dog some incredible weave skills.

Whether you run, walk or drive your way around an agility course, having totally independent weaves not only allows you to send your dog to them from anywhere, it also allows you to be where you need to be for handling the rest of the course.

  • Build tonnes of weave value
  • Teach your dog how to weave from scratch or use it for troubleshooting any weave issues you are experiencing currently
  • Teach true understanding of weave exits
  • Completely independant weave entires
  • Work through some independant discrimination sequences
  • Taming Canines - Dog Sports Direct to your home - link to our online training area where there is a full set of weave training videos and this training manual is included for free!

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