We excel at preparing owners for a wide range of real life situations using on the ground modern techniques.
Our different dog sports classes range from just for fun to the highest levels of competition.

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Whether it’s wanting to have a go to keep your pooch fit, healthy and happy, or to compete to the highest standards, we’ll help you overcome any agility challenge.


This modern sport is super exciting to say the least! Gain a clear and deep understanding of this wonderful sport for both you and your dog before working through the Good Hoopers Award or Competing

Online Training

Live too far away to come and join in the action? We regularly offer online courses on a wide variety of topics so you can train with us from anywhere in the world!


From barking, lunging and reactive behaviour, to a calm relaxed happy chilled out companion who is a joy to take anywhere, we will help you overcome any behavioural challenges you are facing


Want your dog to be well behaved when they are off the lead? Need them to come back to you quickly?
Recall games are the way to go! Private sessions or specific Recall workshops.


Deepen your understanding and improve your relationship with your best friend through playing a series of games resulting in a beautifully behaved pooch you can take anywhere

1-2-1 Training


Private sessions tailored to you and your dog – perfect for problem solving!

Distance Handling

Here at Taming Canines we specialise in Distance Handling for Agility and Hoopers

Training Camps


We offer several training camps throughout the year. These are intense training weeks/weekends that also have a great social aspect


British Agility Association
We run monthly competitions with an annual finals.


Canine Hoopers UK.
We hold CHUK licensed competitions. Click the logo to find out more about Canine Hoopers UK.