Hoopers is an extremely inclusive sport. It is low impact for dogs as all obstacles are ground based – no jumping or climbing up etc.

Hoopers is suitable for all kinds of dogs, giant breeds to miniature breeds. We even have dogs enjoying Hoopers that aren’t able to enjoy other sports due to health reasons.

Our Hoopers lessons are taught by extremely experienced, Advanced Canine Hoopers UK Instructors.

In the sport of Canine Hoopers, you will find only 4 different types of obstacles: Hoops, Barrels, Tunnels and a TanGo Mat.

Hoops to run through

Tunnels to run through

TanGo Mat
(Touch and Go Mat) to run over

Barrels to run round

In both classes and private lessons, you can work towards earning your Good Hoopers Awards.

We also run CHUK Licensed competitions. To find out more about Canine Hoopers UK, click on their logo.