Agility is a really good fun sport. You and your dog have to navigate obstacles against the clock. Here at Taming Canines, we will teach you and your canine how to navigate each obstacle correctly, how to put sequences together and everything you need to know about competing in agility.

ALL breeds of dog are welcome at our classes. We believe that agility should be fun first and foremost. We believe that all physically healthy dogs are capable of enjoying agility alongside their owners, regardless of the breed! Yes, in the larger size categories, Collies and their crosses do tend to rule due to their size, speed and how agile they are. Don’t be fooled! Their are plenty of ABC’s (anything but collies) out there competing successfully as well! There is even a special class at Crufts for them!

Agility courses commonly include jumps and tunnels, alongside the larger equipment, known as the contact equipment – A Frame, Dog Walk and SeeSaw, and the infamous weave poles.

Independent Weaves
Stop Contacts
Running Contacts

Check out the videos below of dogs running agility courses.

Agility training can be done through group classes or through private lessons – both held at the Atomic Dog Training Centre.

We even hold competitions as well!