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Does your dog get over excited and over aroused around dog sports or in exciting environments?

Is your dog amazing at home? in training? but doesn't transfer their awesomeness into competitions?

Does your dog get over excited and then doesn't listen to you when you need them to, even though you KNOW they have the skills to do what you are asking of them?

Don't worry, THIS course is for YOU!

When a dog's brain gets into an overaroused state, your dog is NOT deliberately ignoring you, their brain is unable to hear your request, or is unable to process your request.

This course will teach you and your dog a new way of working together. One that requires self control from your dog and will teach them self control. It will also teach their brains how to process cues from you in super high arousing environments.

All the training will be broken down into small games to play with your dogs that can be integrated as part of your everyday life.


This course is available as an individual module for a one-off fee that gives you access for 12months.

Alternatively this course is included as part of the full membership package DSO Complete.

The Complete Package also includes individual feedback on your own videos.

Please note this is an online training service. By purchasing this service you are waiving your right to the 14 day cancellation period once you have access to the material.

The price for membership is £100.00 now.

Membership expires after 12 Months.

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