Enrolled: 71 students
Lectures: 48

Does your dog get over excited and over aroused around other dogs? Maybe when they are around dog sports or in exciting environments?

Maybe you have a dog who is really lovely, but acts out in public when other dogs get too close to them? Maybe by barking and lunging or showing their teeth and growling at other dogs?

Maybe dogs are ok but new people are scary? Or new environments?

Or maybe you have a dog who has to run over and snog everyone all the time? So you struggle to get your dog to focus on you as everything else is more exciting?

This course is aimed at those dogs who need just a little extra space for a variety of reasons!

We will take a look at:

  • What can cause a dog to over-react to certain situations and stimuli
  • How a dog chooses to react and what that means
  • How we can help a dog to change their habits and become a happier more comfortable dog in all environments
  • We talk management for now and training to improve long-term
  • Muzzle training
  • Discount with The Muzzle Shop for all students!

All the training will be broken down into small games to play with your dogs that can be integrated as part of your everyday life.

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