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Neo - Distance Diary

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Follow Neo the Dalmatian from the day he comes home until he is 18 months old. ALL sessions are videoed and uploaded without editing so you get to see everything exactly as it happens!

Working with ABC’s can be quite different to working with collies, I absolutely love working with different breeds and wanted to give you all the opportunity to see what goes on behind closed doors!

Absolutely perfect if you have a pup or young dog yourself and you aren’t sure where to get started! We will be looking at every single thing I do with pups when they join our house from playing, walking and training.

When signing up to Neo’s diary, you will also get access to Nitro’s Diary of a Distance Pup completely FREE of charge! Nitro’s diary followed Nitro for the first year of his life in our household covering different training methods, tonnes of foundation for sports and for living with a well rounded individual.

Unplanned and unexpectedly, on 18th December 2021, a 4.5yr old girly named Harpa ended up coming to live with us. I have decided to include her training videos in this diary as well!

January 2022 7 months
Oct 2022 - 16 months

Quite a few of the diary entries have multiple videos in so make sure to scroll right down and not just watch the first video!