Dog Sports Direct to your home: the ONLY online training resource that covers MULTIPLE dog sports.

Dog Sports Direct is a huge online training resource covering a multitude of areas. All aspects of agility handling and training, Hoopers training and handling, live course running sessions for both disciplines, tonnes of bonuses covering working with multiple dogs, impulse control basics right up to advanced levels, fitness exercises, tricks and much much more.

You can even choose to sign up to JUST the hoopers area or JUST the agility area. For those who sign up for the entire Dog Sports Direct – you get full access to BOTH the agility academy and the hoopers academy as well as access to all the other BONUS training materials on offer inside!

The agility section is specifically aimed at those wanting to build independence and distance skills – although perfect for all agility handler and dog teams.

ALL of the training on Dog Sports Direct, will take you through the exercises right from the very beginning up to completed behaviours.

Subscription starts from just £15.00* per month!


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